Hospitality and Restaurant Expert Witness

An accomplished restauranteur and corporate executive, Joel Feigenheimer, Ph.D. is a noted expert witness who provides testimonies to independent operators and large corporations in the restaurant and hospitality industries that are facing litigation cases. Dr. Joel Feigenheimer has established a website www://, where interested parties can find information as well as a way of connecting with him.

The website notes that client cases cover a broad range of hospitality-related matters. Expert witness services provided include the area of Guest Safety, which touches on topics such as responsible liquor service, dram shop/liquor liability, and safe harbor defense. The area of Employee Safety includes topics on workman’s compensations, benefits, and wage disputes, and sexual harassment.

Corporate cases take into consideration exclusivity issues, landlord/tenant issues, leasing issues, and benefit of the bargain. Lastly, vendor contract issues take into account industry standards of care, operational consulting, quality assurance, and related compliance and codes, among others.