Consulting Firm Helps Restaurants Source Sustainable Products pic

Florida resident Joel Feigenheimer, PhD, served for 30 years in the hospitality industry, primarily as a senior manager working for restaurants or chains. In 2009, Joel Feigenheimer began his current work as an expert restaurant witness, bringing his experience and training to bear in litigation involving clients in such cases as operator liability, slip-and-fall cases, and tavern operation. That same year he also founded realEats Consulting in collaboration with a group of like-minded food service professionals.

A modern restaurant owner or chef is faced with a myriad of choices for foods and supplies. Many chefs and managers are committed to serving “green” food from sustainable sources, and express this commitment on their menus and in their marketing programs. A major problem is that while individual vendors compete for business, some may make claims about their products that aren’t true.

This problem is addressed by realEats Consulting. Dedicated to helping restaurants source environmentally responsible products for their operations, realEats maintains an ever-growing database of suppliers and distributors of foods, beverages, and paper products, along with information about their products’ green qualities. The companies can easily be searched by their products, and their sustainability efforts are noted. More information about realEats Consulting can be found at the company’s website at