– A Resource For Sustainable, Safe Food and Beverages pic

A Florida entrepreneur, Joel Feigenheimer maintains, a comprehensive list of sources for restaurants to find “green” products and services that enhance food safety and quality. Joel Feigenheimer’s company operates with the realization that for chefs, operators, and suppliers, green typically involves greater expense.

The approach is to single out vendors who have surmounted challenging, often expensive steps in creating products that go well beyond what competitors offer. These include hormone-free beef, sustainably raised and caught seafood, and organic grains, fruits and vegetables. An extra level of assurance is provided by the site’s third-party certification, offering peace of mind that the products and services are truly eco-friendly.

An example of‘s resource base is in dairy, where several dozen farms and creameries are listed, along with a brief description of the ways they “go the extra mile” toward sustainability. These range from the national supplier Organic Valley Co-op to the Chester County, Pennsylvania, certified biodynamic dairy producer Seven Stars Farm. Categories covered on the website also include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and paper and disposables.