’s Verified Sustainable Seafood Certification Bodies pic

On the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management faculty of Florida International University, Joel Feigenheimer facilitates learning in the university’s top tier hospitality management program. Passionate about food sustainability, Joel Feigenheimer is the founder of, an independent website that showcases vendors and suppliers of sustainably-sourced food and beverages. The site maintains a list of third-party-certified seafood vendors to help consumers eat food that contributes less to pollution and is better for their health.

Many seafood vendors who claim to be “eco-friendly” are actually not. To separate the true from the false claims, maintains a list of credible third-party certification bodies for consumers to reference. Here are four of these verified certification bodies for seafood vendors:

1) Fish Choice 

This is a seafood directory with over 200 listings. The directory highlights seafood vendors who meet the group’s criteria for sustainability.

2) Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

One cannot talk about seafood sustainability without mentioning MSC. The organization maintains strict standards for seafood sustainability certification. It also works with fisheries to improve sustainability practices and educates consumers on how and why they should purchase sustainably-sourced fish.

3) Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch

This organization’s watch program educates consumers on which fish to consume and which to avoid through its easy-to-use directory.

4) Seafood Choices Alliance

This organization works to encourage action by seafood industry stakeholders on socially responsible and sustainable practices across the entire seafood supply chain.