Expert Witness Procedure


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Expert Witness

Professor Joel Feigenheimer, who has been part of the hospitality industry for decades, founded,in 2009. Joel Feigenheimer also serves as an expert witness in hospitality litigation due to his years of experience in the industry.

Expert witnesses are a special type of witness in the court system, operating under slightly looser restrictions than other witnesses. An expert witness has greater flexibility in offering an opinion or analysis of the situation at hand due to their strong background regarding some technical aspect of the case. For instance, an expert witness in the field of sports medicine might testify regarding the amount of time it would typically take someone to recover from a particular injury, and what might be expected at each stage of recovery. Expert witnesses are also allowed to use the analytical tools available to them in their own occupations, even if that evidence would otherwise not be used in a court proceeding.

To determine whether an expert witness will be allowed to testify in a federal court hearing, a judge makes a determination during a pre-trial hearing. Expert witnesses then prepare reports summarizing their conclusions and submit them to all parties in the trial. By providing this early report, expert witnesses allow for effective cross-examination.